Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Implications and Evaluations of Solution Ideas

State your problem and solution idea(s) in your CPS project. Think about the implications of your solution idea(s). Finally decide whether to go ahead with the implementation of the solution idea(s). You may use the following criterion to help you in your decision making; innovativeness of idea(s), whether action is within your control and influence, feasibility and success rate, acceptance level by people involved.

Example 1
Problem: How can we reduce litter in public spaces?
Solution: Encourage people to keep a plastic bag with them wherever they go so that they can throw their own rubbish in it.
1. There will be more rubbish because there will be more plastic bags being used and thrown.
2. People's habits and mindsets need to change which means an educational campaign might be needed.
Innovativeness - Not very
Control and Influence - No control, little influence with campaign
Feasibility and Success - Yes
Acceptance Level - Likely to be low
Decision - Look for another solution

Example 2
Problem: How might we reduce the crowdedness in the MRT train?
Solution: Increase the number of carriages
1. Train stations would need to be longer to accommodate the increase in carriages.
2. Increase costs of buying more trains.
Innovativeness - Not very
Control and Influence - Not at all
Feasible - Not likely
Acceptance Level - Passengers yes, train authorities and government agencies not likely (at least not yet in the immediate future)
Decision - Look for another solution